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Wuhan Wuyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary invested by Broad (China) Co., Ltd. (formerly Wuhan Pharmaceutical Factory) in 2002. It is a well-known enterprise in the production and operation of specialty drug substances in China. The company passed the acceptance of "secondary enterprise of safety production standardization"; in the same year, it was rated as "high-tech enterprise" in Hubei Province; the annual sales income is 600 million yuan, and the products are exported to more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe and the United States, and the total annual export value $ 50 million.
According to the Opinions of the People's Government of Wuhan City on Accelerating the Relocation and Remediation of Chemical Production Enterprises in the Third Ring Road of the City (Wuzheng [2008] No. 50) and the overall plan, Wuhan Wuyao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was relocated to Yangxin County, Huangshi City, Hubei Province. Chemical Industrial Park of Fuchi Town. The company currently has 820 employees and 500 technical and management personnel with college education or above. With a registered capital of 61 million yuan, the company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production and operation of bulk drugs.
Since its establishment, the company has insisted on "improving good products and cultivating high realms". It has developed from bulk raw materials such as Analgin, metronidazole, and chloramphenicol to specialty raw materials. The main production series are tirofiban hydrochloride and bitartaric acid. Featured APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates such as norepinephrine, epinephrine, enoxacin, methoxamine hydrochloride, hydroxychloroquine sulfate, piroxicin sodium, and glipizide. Among them, enoxacin is the first class II new drug after the promulgation of China's Drug Law. Tirofiban hydrochloride is a national "torch plan" project. Piroxicin sodium and norepinephrine tartrate products are exclusively produced nationwide. The company seized the opportunity of “transfer, change, and turnaround”, and members of the production and operation management team worked together and worked hard.
With the vision of “becoming a pharmaceutical company respected by Chinese doctors and patients and returning to society”, the company adheres to the core value of “providing good products and cultivating high realms”, and its products cover APIs and APIs. Enterprises follow the development direction of product operation, that is, adhere to the "ophthalmology, cardiovascular, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, analgesic, and liver-protecting APIs. Be a first-class pharmaceutical company, and be a responsible, respected doctor and patient medicine The company has become a world-renowned supplier of specialty APIs. With its deep history, Wuyao Pharmaceutical has long been listed as a designated enterprise for first aid drugs and narcotics in the National Readiness Reserve, and its products such as dimercaptopropanol have been The industry is rated as "Conscience Medicine" and "Reassurance Medicine".
In the next 5 years, the company will build a domestic first-class API industry chain through newly-built specialty APIs and biopharmaceuticals, becoming a world-renowned specialty API supplier, and making new contributions to people's lives and health.
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