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Food and drug administration to carry out the national security medication in 2015

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The food and drug supervision and Administration Bureau of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps food and drug supervision and administration bureau:

According to the "national food and drug safety science action plan (2011 - 2015)" requirement, held every year in September "national security medication month" (hereinafter referred to as security month). To effectively carry out the safety month of this year, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Time arrangement

From September 1, 2015 to October 31st.

Two, the focus of publicity

Implementation of the State Council on Reform of drug and medical device review approval system (2015, 44), the main objectives, specific tasks and measures, to promote the scientific concept and practical knowledge, the use of inappropriate self medication, excessive use of antibiotics and injections, blind trust imported drugs and expensive drugs and other common errors, and promote public awareness of modern medical technology, guide industry enterprises to strengthen independent innovation, promote scientific and technological achievements and policy guidance, establish and maintain the image of licensed pharmacists, and play a role in pharmaceutical care.

Three, activity requirements

(a) to strengthen the organization for security. Referring to the General Administration of the 2015 national security and drug treatment (see Annex), combined with the actual situation in the region, and carefully planned to carry out the activities. To strengthen the organization and leadership, security personnel and funding to ensure that the activities carried out smoothly, and the formation of scale momentum. Encourage and guide social groups, research institutions, large enterprises, news media, popular science organizations active participation, gather the resources of the parties, and jointly carry out the theme of publicity activities.

(two) do a good job of publicity and promotion. To use a unified national security medication sign. Around the country issued a document 44 2015 in-depth policy interpretation. Mobilize the public to actively participate in the local area of drug safety network knowledge contest". Increase the safety of drugs for popular science books, television, micro video promotion efforts. The organization of the local area has the influence of the urban media to focus on the safety of the month and important news information.

(three) improving the effectiveness of the activities. To strengthen the radio and television newspapers and other traditional media and the new media, such as the two micro end, and other new media convergence, forming a diversified pattern of communication. People love to see and hear the way adhere to the publicity ideas, close to the needs of the public, to attract public participation. Strengthen the use of visual information technology in the field of drug safety science, with the combination of image and light text information, short video and other means to enhance the content of infection and landing effect.

(four) summary of experience. To pay attention to the results and experience of the safety of the month, the report will be summarized in the electronic version of the newspaper office of the General Administration of press and Propaganda Department of the 16 November. Please pay close attention to the General Administration of the site, the government microblogging, timely access to information security month.

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