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The use of genetically modified yeast to create pain medication costs are expected to be reduced by 10 times

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Not only can be used for baking steamed yeast Steamed buns, can also be used to manufacture drugs. Recently, a study published in "science" describes a method for producing morphine like analgesics in transgenic yeast. The researchers said the law not only can shorten the production cycle of drugs to a few days, but also to reduce the cost to 1/10 of the traditional method, the future of technology is ripe, is expected to significantly reduce the retail price of related drugs.

The production of pain killers often takes a long process: first, by the farmers who are licensed to grow the poppy, and then send it to the pharmaceutical companies, and then extract the drug molecules that are in the form of a piece of medicine. This process often takes about a year or so. Due to the influence of the weather, diseases and insect pests and other factors, the traditional methods of production are not controllable.

Christina Schmckle and her team of, the Stanford University, and her team argue that genetically engineered yeast may replace the process. In the new study, they have been reprogramming the genetic mechanism of baker's yeast, which allows yeast cells to convert sugar into a relative of morphine. The material has a and codeine (also called methylmorphine) a variety of active similar characteristics, can be used for relieving pain and analgesia. In addition, this method can also be used to produce drugs for treatment of cancer, infectious diseases, high blood pressure, and arthritis. The new method also provides greater flexibility for the production of pharmaceuticals with different chemical compounds.

The researchers believe that with the further research, the cost of using this genetically engineered yeast to produce pain killers can be reduced to 1/10 of the traditional method.

This would be a very important thing, because people who take these drugs have a large proportion of the world's population. According to WHO estimates, more than 5000000000 people worldwide do not have or can not get the required analgesics. The researchers hope that the new method can significantly reduce the price of these drugs, so that more patients can get their needs at a lower price.

However, Merck admits, new technology is still not enough perfect: the production of one agent consumes 20000 liters of yeast engineering painkillers. Next, researchers need to increase the use efficiency of each cell to the enzyme, optimize the number of yeast to produce drugs, improve the efficiency of Engineering yeast. Schmckle believes that a strong financial company is expected to crack these problems in 5 years to 6 years.

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