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Hubei Province: two or more hospitals by the end of the year all online purchasing supplies

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Medical network August 26th hearing recently, Hubei Province issued a special rectification work program of the province's medical and purchase areas, will be in the province's health and family planning system for a period of 4 months of special rectification, to regulate the purchase and sale of drugs, high value material purchase behavior, strict implementation of Online procurement for the focus, reduce the burden on patients.

"Notice" pointed out that the rectification work will focus on the medical and health institutions under the procurement of drug behavior, two or more medical institutions do not implement high value medical supplies online sunshine procurement behavior, medical personnel illegal procurement, sales, use drugs, medical equipment, medical materials and other acts, and from the improvement of drug procurement mechanism, promoting high value medical supplies online sun procurement, strengthening the basic drug distribution management, increase the investigation and punishment, and strengthen the comprehensive supervision and management of five major tasks 11.

Hubei Province Planning Commission requirements, the province's two or more medical institutions in the end of the year to buy drugs, all levels of medical and health institutions to strictly implement the online focus on procurement, centralized distribution, is strictly prohibited under the net purchase; and to complete the high value of medical supplies online sunshine procurement. Requires the basic medical and health institutions in strict accordance with the provisions of the principles and procedures for the selection of supplementary drugs, is strictly prohibited in any way and form of increase and sales.

In addition, Hubei Province will in various medical institutions implement prescription review physician interview system, promote the prescription dynamic monitoring, early warning of abnormal and unreasonable prescription in hospital public comment system, strictly implement the bad record provisions and the market system is to repel, insisted on the illegal production and operation of enterprises listed in the bad record.

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