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Hot concern: how to improve the current drug tender procurement system?

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No. 7 and 70, the introduction of the text of the future of drug hanging network to outline the regulation of the basic outline of the regulation and control. Referring to the above basic rules, and combined with the actual situation, and constantly to absorb good experience and measures of local innovation to promote the integration of the country has become a new round of the dynamic model of the procurement.

Any policy and system, the positive aspects, likely omissions or needs to be further improved, but also from the perspective of industries and enterprises put forward some constructive suggestions.

Fairness, rationality and scientific nature of the catalog

Anhui, Fujian and other places are health care, agriculture and medicine, based drug products as the basis for the purchase of the tender, the drug will be completely blocked out of their own expense. No. 70 both advocate the trick mining according to the directory on a annual usage, the use of 80% of the products to enter the directory, use bigger and more likely to enter the directory. Drug procurement network is a fair and reasonable, for new drugs and the conditions of the past are not available, could not start the sale and sales of products has just started to sell off the net and the sale is reasonable? Medicare almost 5 years adjustment, access to health care, catch the hanging net can have bigger sales of basic conditions, such as the market access threshold, lucky area 3 ~ 5 years sales opened, unfortunate regions need to make over 8 years of war.

Countries to improve drug concentration, to enhance the ability to control the price of regulatory plan design is good, but also for the past two years to provide a number of innovative market support policies, but also need to pay attention to this part of the middle layer of the medical insurance catalog is not yet time to enter this part of the intermediate layer products, which is also a lot better efficacy, more safe, cost-effective, but also by the medical institutions to welcome and need products. Market operation is to give this kind of product equal opportunity to live, or with the way the human intervention will be all out of the hospital, the hospital within the monopoly management and sales of old products?

If we speak of product innovation and substitution, and in the link to enter the market but with all the ways of artificial restrictions will replace the product strangled in the arena, neither fair competition to speak of, also in encouraging conformity. But also for the health care sector to bring the cost of the use of serious cost overrun, the heavy burden of overdraft. More for the industries and enterprises causing serious investment losses to tens of billions, hundreds of billions of yuan, the pharmaceutical industry faces products dating the severe test of survival. To keep living space for their own expense, but also to the health care costs of the beneficial supplement, the right to choose the right to the market, to the patients.

The price of the lowest price linkage VS quality

Hanging net price even if the collection of the lowest price, there are a lot of paradox. Some enterprise price maintenance is very good, with the help of quality level or subtle differences in the protection of barriers, the country is still far higher than other enterprises with the highest price of the same product, and can not reflect the product price competitive advantage in the hanging net.

For some other companies are just the opposite, the country is only the lowest price of the enterprise in the intensive bidding process due to the failure of the offer or encounter malicious tender embarrassment, the enterprise will not be recognized, it will not supply, no sales record, the same can not represent the real sales prices and operating costs.

Some not professionally of enterprises popularity even thought the price of the enterprise cannot do, to give the, can not supply, not clear low correct standard of enterprises means what, but do not know can abandon scale, and even some areas full of clause of Xiang Yu the conqueror, neither abandon scale, nor annulment directly to the enterprise may not sanctioned price linked to the Internet.

A direct consequence of the lowest price linkage is obviously enterprises in some areas to slightly lower than normal price can still be sales, but due to the price linkage causes the enterprise reluctantly abandoned the standard, can only defend the bottom line price, give up the operation of the market.

In the enterprise is unable to support the normal operation of the net price headache at the same time, the quality of the products are often not strictly ensure. The probability of all shoddy, counterfeit or substandard drugs. Behind the problem of ginkgo leaf preparation is also due to the low price of the bid, raw material costs, manufacturing costs, operating costs are increasingly high, companies can only try to drive down costs and costs.

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