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Antidepressant drug modafinil, or become the first "smart drugs"

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Modafinil as an anti depression drug for treatment of narcolepsy and sleep disorders, in 1998 to get approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Mo Duffy Ni, with a good central role and less side effect, became the first drug for the treatment of sleep disorders.

The study found that people who sleep less, modafinil, mental state was significantly enhanced. But for normal people, Mo Duffy Ni this effect is not obvious. And modafinil can be used as auxiliary drugs in the treatment of depression, enhance the effectiveness of treatment. It is also because there are excited about the efficacy of modafinil, a lot of people will stay up to work, as it assault exam "medicine".

In February 2011, South Korean media reported that, according to the survey have 1561 patients taking modafinil, about 21% of people feeling out of control and is accompanied by symptoms, headache, even some patients with mental disorders lead to suicide and a series of problems. Therefore, the South Korean food and drug safety agency has been stopped for the prescription drug. In November 2014, the British "Daily Mail" reported 1/5 academic modafinil. Found drugs appear scattered thinking, lack of innovation can be side effects in healthy students. However, the performance of the students has shown a positive effect on the improvement of the performance.

For a time, we for a different attitude of "smart drugs" modafinil, on whether it can really improve the cognition, the existence of side effects of controversy have.

On August 19, 2015, published online in the European neuropsychopharmacology "review to break the deadlock, carefully showed that modafinil can really improve cognitive ability, at least for the improved performance in the specific experimental group.

Modafinil improves cognitive ability

Two review authors, Ruairidh McLennan Battleday, and Harvard University School of medicine, University of Oxford Anna-Katharine Brem, Dr. to modafinil "and" cognition (cognitive) "as a search term, access to the 1990 January 2014 December on cognitive enhancement of all academic papers. They found that 24 papers concerning the use of modafinil benefits, the benefits including planning, decision-making, thinking active, learning, memory and innovation ability promotion.

As expected, even if the test task is different, Mo Duffy Ni in the 24 academic studies have to improve the performance of cognitive ability. Unexpected discovery is that when the test task is long and complex, the effect will be more obvious. And reassuring, 70% of the research papers have proved that modafinil on emotional interference and other side effects is very small, even if there are two cases of insomnia, headache, stomach pain or nausea symptoms (placebo group also appeared in the same situation).

This is the first review since 2008 modafinil on normal person not the effect of narcolepsy. Include the data in recent years. By comparison, we find that, the academic circles for assessment of modafinil influence on cognitive methods improved. In the past, a very basic approach to the cognitive test was usually used to the people who suffered from the nerve damage. Now, by testing the system complex, that modafinil can enhance cognition.

Modafinil will not become "smart drugs" listed

The researchers involved in the control environment, because the side effects of modafinil rarely considered the cognitive enhancing drugs. But Brem Anna-Katharine, PhD, stressed that we need to find a better way to test the accuracy of the normal or abnormal levels of cognition. However, any method to enhance cognitive ability, ethical and safety issues are considered to be included.

European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) guy Goodwin, Professor review: This review summarizes our current understanding of the evidence that modafinil can enhance cognitive, and participate in the treatment of sleep disorders is two separate effects. Modafinil may be the first truly smart drug clinical significance "".

The authors review stressed that modafinil is still obtained as a nootropic license, in the future, it will not get permission, because it does not belong to the scope of the current drug of supervision. Once the therapeutic drugs for brain nerve as a non prescription drugs, will lead to a lot of professional ethics, the potential harm.

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