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Chinese new drug research and development: we are far from the first original drug?

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According to the tufts Center for the study of drug development to provide a data shows, the average cost of a new drug development is about $26 billion. 2013 global top ten pharmaceutical companies R & D investment proportion of the sales reached 17.8%, up to 6.039 billion US dollars, and the top ten pharmaceutical research and development investment is only 1% of sales, about $3 billion.

This is China's new drug research and development face: Although we occupy a huge market advantage, has 4700 pharmaceutical companies, but the vast majority of small and scattered, low sales profit; no capital is also reluctant to invest in capital for new drug research and development; innovation level is mainly in imitation of a combination of the stage, generic drugs proportion as high as 96%. Due to the lack of the ability of research and development of innovative drugs and complete development chain, the Chinese pharmaceutical companies rush of hot target, product duplication of reporting, resulting in corporate homogenization phenomenon is serious, basically belongs to the state of disorderly competition and sustainable development difficult to sustain. So far, Chinese first true sense of the new drug is veiled, time and again not to.

On the one hand, with the improvement of the overall national strength, the international market demand for innovation in China is increasing, on the other hand, cancer, diabetes and other chronic diseases have become a threat to the national health and the most important disease, people have a good effect, the price of the new drug put forward an urgent need. 2015 July 30 to 31, the Thomson Reuters to host the "professional to lead the Chinese pharmaceutical companies, innovation and internationalization, the second session of the Thomson Reuters China Pharmaceutical Industry Conference", the Chinese pharmacy will chairman sang Guowei academicians, known Heng industry vice president and chief scientific officer lvjiang Dr., constant Rui pharmaceutical global R & D President Dr. Zhang Lianshan, Beida pharmaceutical vice president and chief scientific officer Hu Shaojing, more than the industry's top experts, around the research and development of new drugs in China "," Chinese pharmaceutical companies internationalization "and" professional information and pharmaceutical companies in China "three major themes of discussion and prospect.

From the point of view of the market environment, overseas generics companies more and more attention to innovative drugs, the world's biggest generics firms Teva increased year by year patent medicine R & D ratio, AI Erjian after merging with Actavis to sell generics business intends to enter the field of innovative drugs, and domestic pharmaceutical companies also in line with the pace of the global market, to Henry, Zhengda fine, Hisun etc. for the representative of a group of local pharmaceutical companies by strengthening R & D investment, and multinational pharmaceutical companies to cooperate and form strategic layout of new drugs in the field. First-in-class is becoming the new trend of global pharmaceutical research and development, pharmaceutical innovation has become an important means to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

In addition, the presence of a number of people in the industry also said that how to develop the Chinese people affordable new drugs is the focus of research of domestic companies. For the development of Chinese innovative medicine, basic research, capital investment, policy guidance of these three factors play a pivotal role.

Basic research

A successful new drug discovery, in the final analysis, is the support of basic research, such as the discovery of new targets, the mechanism of action. Beida pharmaceutical vice president and chief chemist Hu Shaojing said, "the investment in basic research is the crucial point, which determines the China in the future can occupy a place in the global research and development of new drugs. "At the same time, the communication between basic scientists and pharmaceutical researchers and clinicians is also crucial, according to clinical feedback more rational drug design in the disease markers and targets based on, making the designed new drugs more effective, less adverse reactions, thus better achieve individualized medication and medical precision.

In recent years, the level of China's basic research is significantly improved in 2015, the natural index rankings, China ranked second in the world, Chinese Academy of Sciences and even ranked first in the world, but the current domestic research is mainly concerned about the number and quality of the paper, which is the full promotion of new drug research and development.

Capital investment

For innovative drugs, the greater the breakthrough, the greater the risk of investment, especially for the new target point of excavation. Private capital is not willing to put a high risk of uncertainty, which led to the lack of early research and development of new drugs. The domestic traditional idea is medicine must be made before the listing of value, Yasheng pharmaceutical general manager Guo Ming in view, as long as the drug has enough potential value, any time all can be realized. Academician Sang Guowei pointed out that the current development of new drug research and development is the most difficult problem of funds. At the same time, he also proposed a solution, that is, in the early stages of drug development, to achieve the initial value of the company's value-added and early investment, to create a successful business model, and create an investment climate for early innovation projects.

Government guidance

For a long time, the approval of the new drug and other related systems have been criticized: clinical access time, registration and binding production license, the market for long procurement cycle, the provinces are not one process, innovative medicine can not enter the medical insurance or tender procurement directory, in addition, the new drug's intellectual property is also lack of protection. Sang Guowei said that China's pharmaceutical innovation should be introduced into the concept of "governance", based on the research, from the actual situation of the national conditions to improve the top-level design, increase government support investment, but also more emphasis on the importance of transforming medical model in innovative drug research and development, and strive to promote the enterprise, research institutes and colleges and universities new model of collaborative innovation.

In recent years, the State encourages innovation, and some innovative drugs, clinical medicine, the need to set up a special review approval channels, review resources to innovative drug tilt. 7 by the end of, CFDA

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