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2018 global pharmaceutical industry sales will reach $1.3

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Thomson Reuters annual CMR Factbook pointed out that 2014 46 new molecular entity sub in developed countries approved is much higher than that in 2005, since any one year the number of, and 2014 in sales and outstanding achievements of a year, with sales of $1 trillion to hold a negative attitude to the pharmaceutical industry challenge.

The report notes that the introduction of new drugs for the treatment of the field is also encouraging, including 1/3 of the drug is the treatment of rare diseases, drugs, 2/3 is the treatment of cancer, hepatitis C and other diseases of the specialist drugs. The market price of many drugs also let teeters on the National People's Congress, Merck's keytruda, and hundreds of when Squibb opdivo. Of course from Gilead Sciences, hepatitis C drugs headed Huadan sovaldi, Harvoni, in the promotion of drug expenditure increase plays a very important role.

Diversification of the late R & D pipeline show that R & D as the focus of the pharmaceutical industry is constantly focused on the high price of the market can be placed on the drug. Thomson Reuters pointed out that in all treatments in the field, the field of antitumor drugs to attract the highest amount of investment and financing, the newly launched a majority of anti-cancer drugs by the regulators granted orphan drug status.

With the advent of high priced drugs, the emergence of medical insurance system for these high new drugs to pay the problem, and now some of the payer to implement a prescription and performance pay mode and other means to reduce the cost of drugs. In addition to affordability, a clear phenomenon is that the pharmaceutical industry has finally increased its drug development efficiency.

Throughout the industry, the early stage of the pipeline volume reduction, while the late stage development stage pipeline volume increase. At the same time, the number of drugs in the phase of III is reduced, which means that the ability of the pharmaceutical companies to identify the drug at the early stages of development is becoming more and more powerful.

All of this opens up a healthy situation for the pharmaceutical industry: sales in 2018 are expected to reach $1.3, an increase of 25% compared to $1.04 last year.

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